As anyone that’s read any part of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series can attest, there are a TON of characters in the series. To help keep track of characters and provide some key moment refreshers, I’ve put together some character maps. Essentially each map provides a snapshot of where things stand at the end of each book. Right now I have maps for books 9 (Winter’s Heart) and 10 (Crossroads of Twilight). I’ll be working on maps for the subsequent books in the series as I read through them. Afterwards, I may also circle back to the earlier books in the series. I hope you enjoy and find these useful as you make your way through The Wheel of Time. Oh, and warning, spoilers ahead!

Book 9: Winter’s Heart

WoT 09 - Thumbnail

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Book 10: Crossroads of Twilight

WoT 10 - Thumbnail

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