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They say the postman always rings twice. In my case this morning, I heard a fumbling at my doorstep (not even a knock!) and went to the door to find a package addressed to me. I couldn’t remember ordering anything, and my wife denied having anything to do with a mysterious package.

I curiously opened the cardboard box, not recognizing the company it was sent from. Behold! It was a D&D 5th Edition Monster Manual!!

Thanks to the great generosity of one of my newest fans, I now have the resources necessary to make the latest versions of the monsters you love.

Gertjan W., you rock!!IMG_0186

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  1. You’re quite welcome 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome artwork you did for me and my friends, I hope you get loads of inspiration from the Monster Manual and wish you all the best with the next bundle of joy that’s on its way 😉


  2. Does this mean 4e versions of archons, eladrin, and angels can no longer be commissioned? 4e really shone in its fey, elemental, and immortal monster designs, while 5th edition seems to be much less interested in them (probably because the existential conflict in 5th is good vs. evil again instead of immortals vs. elementals).

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