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As if swamps weren’t dangerous enough already, now the locals and the fauna are trying to kill you too. Denizens of the swamplands, Bullywugs, frog-like humanoids, are petty and destructive. It’s a wonder that they hold together as tribes at all. When resources run scarce, they aren’t above cannibalism, which certainly doesn’t bode well for any adventurers unfortunately enough to cross their paths. Despite their savage lifestyles, bullywugs do occasionally work with other creatures and even domesticate local wildlife. Most commonly, bullywugs will run raids with large frogs at their side. There are many types of large frogs that live in the swamps, all of which have no hesitation about trying to swallow an armor-clad adventurer whole. Consider yourself warned!

Minis included in these sets:

  • Bullywugs
    • Bullywug Croaker
    • Bullywug Mucker
    • Bullywug Mud Lord (Pictured above)
    • Bullywug Twitcher
  • Frogs
    • Frog Lord (Large & Mountable)
    • Giant Frog
    • Murklord Frog
    • Thornskin Frog (Pictured above)
    • Sporeback Frog

 This Monster Minis set was created due to the wonderful generosity of the site’s Patreon patrons, AdmiralDave, Camden F, ftx, Gameboon, Jace B, John Sussenberger, Jonathan, Josh M, Jumpy142, Lok Jokey, Nate W, skrapsan, The Library Ghost, The Taio Show, and Tommy P. With their support, we’re currently meeting FIVE goals, one of which is creating this! If you want to learn more about met and future goals, you’ll find all the details here.

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