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To mark the first month that iheartprintandplay’s Patreon patrons have gotten us up to two NPCs of the Month, I’ve created a pair of characters that are very aware of each other. So let’s meet Moira the Ox Bandit and Ser Yosh!

From a young age the dwarven maiden, Moira, has had to fend for herself and managed to do so quite expertly. As a youth she picked pockets to survive and graduated to becoming a talented cat burglar. During a string of successful home invasions in one of the wealthiest districts in the realm, Moira was eventually nearly caught red-handed by several personal guards. Since she was unwilling to kill the guards, she was forced to flee in a very daring and exciting escape that culminated in her stealing an ox (thus becoming known as the Ox Bandit) and fleeing into a near-by mountain range. After that, Moira’s image was posted in the surrounding area and a large bounty eventually was issued for her capture. Moira has since survived by raiding small caravans from ox-back, which can be quite intimidating. As Moira has continued to remain at large, many bounty hunters and knights have attempted to capture her. None have come close except for a knight named Ser Yosh, who has nearly captured her on several occasions. Ser Yosh is an experienced knight and skilled tracker. Born and raised by fur traders, Yosh learned how to track and hunt from a very young age. Those skills served him well after joining the knighthood and is one of the top investigators and trackers in the nation. He has led successfully many missions to track and capture notorious felons. The only individual that he has been unable to capture is Moira the Ox Bandit. Despite their differences Moira and Yosh have both developed a feeling of respect for the other, though they’ll admit that to no one. They’ve shared a handful of quick conversations from opposite sides of fences, often filled with witty barbs and banter. Moira has grown to enjoy having a challenging opponent to out-fox so much so that she considers Yosh her closest friend, aside from her ox, Goro. She has even gone so far as to save Yosh’s life twice from other villains, though he is unaware of that fact. Yosh has also grown to enjoy having such a challenging quarry to track and respects Moira’s intelligence and ingenuity greatly. He won’t let that dissuade him though from bringing her in though. The only time he has faltered in that determination to capture Moira was during a time that he had been chasing her through a crowded city. During the chase Moira suddenly dove into a pair of children and knocked them out of the way of a spooked horse that was about to trample them. The horse’s handler quickly regained control and Moira immediately darted off again into the crowd. Having witnessed her act of bravery, Yosh decided to let her go and tended to the children that Moira had saved instead.

Here are a few ways that you could incorporate Moira and Yosh into your campaign:

  • Bounty Hunters!: With wanted posters plastered all over the countryside, it’ll be hard for your heroes to resist trying to track down the notorious Ox Bandit.
  • A Knight’s Quest: While traveling your heroes may encounter a certain knight name Ser Yosh who is hunting the Ox Bandit. Will your heroes offer to help?
  • Escort Quest: With the Ox Bandit on the loose, many caravans are seeking escorts to protect their goods these days. Are your heroes up to the task?
  • The Caravan Job: Word has reached your heroes that a ring of smugglers are caravaning stolen goods across the countryside. Who better to recruit to aid in planning an attack on a caravan than the realm’s foremost caravan raider, the Ox Bandit. But can she be found or even convinced to help?
  • Bribe, What Bribe?!: It would seem that Ser Yosh has finally managed to capture the elusive Moira the Ox Bandit and is currently escorting her back home. Unfortunately the trip will take several days and he is forced to camp and/or stay at an inn with her. If your heroes happen upon the pair, Moira will certainly do everything in her power to convince one of your heroes to let her loose.

 This NPC of the Month was created due to the wonderful generosity of the site’s Patreon patrons, AdmiralDave, Camden F, ftx, Gameboon, Graham, Jace B, John D, John Sussenberger, Jonathan, Josh M, Jumpy142, Lok Jokey, Nate W, skrapsan, The Library Ghost, Stefano B, The Taio Show, and Tommy P. With their support, we’re currently meeting FIVE goals, one of which is creating this! If you want to learn more about met and future goals, you’ll find all the details here.

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