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Meet Yersa Faringray and Happy Jack! While they’re very different people, both carry a warm smile, but cold eyes. I’ve been reading listening to a little Brandon Sanderson of late, and I’ve always been intrigued by his “laws“. His second law is simply that “limitations > powers”, or in other words a character’s weaknesses are more interesting than his or her abilities. That particular law is what sparked the ideas behind these NPCs.

Yersa Faringray is an impressive woman of some renown. As the sole child of a world famous trophy hunter, Yersa grew up learning how to set traps, track, and hunt anything and everything. Now as an adult, Yersa has started to build her own name up as a trophy hunter, having slain a great number of ferocious and rare beasts. The thrill of the hunt is the greatest driving force in her life. She often competes in hunting tournaments across the land. In between hunts of her own, Yersa has also developed a business of leading hunting expeditions for the wealthy aristocrats that feel they need an impressive head to hang in their estates. Her adventurous, mischievous, and crass personality mix into a charm that amuses just about anyone she comes in contact with. Behind that charm though lies a frosty layer that she keeps hidden. Yersa’s extremely competitive nature and the intoxication she gets from a successful hunt have driven her to actions none would think possible. Yersa has and will sabotage rivals and has even left one for dead after they accidentally tripped one of her traps. Who knows what she’ll be capable of next…

Here are a few ways to incorporate Yersa into your campaign:

  • Expert Tracker: If your heroes need to track down an elusive beast, you could find none better than Yersa.
  • Accidents Happen: Yersa is a master trapper and prefers to use arcane traps to more traditional ones. If your heroes aren’t keeping a close eye out, they may just find themselves magically frozen out in the middle of a forest or cave entrance. Fear not! Yersa will soon arrive as her traps magically alert her when tripped. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is yet to be determined. (In Yersa’s PDF you’ll find two different sizes of arcane magic circles that can be used to indicate tripped or discovered traps.)
  • The Hunt is On: Are your heroes in need of a fun distraction that doesn’t involve the weight of the world resting on their shoulders? Perhaps joining a hunting competition will be just the thing. And as fortune would have it, among the competition is Yersa Faringray herself!
  • Love Interest: Yersa’s rough charm have left many broken hearts in its wake. Perhaps one of your heroes will catch her eye, if not her heart.

Happy Jack is a street performer extraordinaire and will dazzle and amaze anyone, big or small… or else. Jack loves to make folks smile with his juggling, magic tricks, singing, and witty repartee with those that come to watch. He loathes those that think so highly of themselves that they watch his performances only to jeer and heckle an in effort to “put him in his place”. Behind Jack’s glowing performer’s facade lies a blizzard of hate. By day, Jack puts a smile on faces with his act. By night, Jack puts a smile on faces with his blade. Jack is secretly a serial killer, who leaves all of his victims with a smile carved on their face. As Jack travels the countryside to perform, he almost always leaves a body behind at each stop. During his time in towns or cities, he always remembers those who he feels has insulted or wronged him. On his last night before moving on, Jack seeks out the one he feels was the worst. Jack has left many bodies in his wake and left authorities baffled at the seemingly random murders.

Here are a few ways to incorporate Happy Jack into your campaign:

  • Entertainment: Perhaps your heroes will simply encounter a jovial juggler and enjoy his antics without ever knowing the darkness that lies beneath.
  • You Reap What You Sow: If one of your heroes winds up insulting and belittling the delightful jester, they may just wake up that night to Jack attempting to put a knife into them. (Jack’s PDF also includes a murderous, knife-wielding version.)
  • Take the Case: A serial killer is on the lose and leaving bodies in his wake. Can your heroes discover who’s behind these slayings before another murder is committed?!

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