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Meet Urtha Darkbane, a Paladin of Torm until her untimely demise at the hands of a powerful necromancer. Urtha was resurrected by another god, Silvanus, for trying to protect one of the god’s ancient groves from the necromancer. Urtha’s restored life does come with a few strings though. She now serves Silvanus as a Paladin/Druid with a single purpose: kill the necromancer that killed her. Unfortunately, her task is made more difficult by the need to remain within a mile of a forest or else her life will being to slowly drain away again.

Here are a few ways that you can incorporate Urtha Darkbane into your adventure:

  • Enlist Urtha: Perhaps your adventurers are questing themselves to kill Urtha’s foe. Have them enlist the aid of Urtha if they cross paths.
  • Urtha’s Request: If your adventurers find themselves traveling near a forest, they could be stopped by Urtha with a plea for aid. With her unfortunate need to remain close to a forest, she may need someone to help lure her necromancer foe into her range of travel.
  • Cleanse the Undead: Torm isn’t happy that one of his servants was claimed by another god. If one of your adventurers worships Torm, they could be tasked with putting Urtha back in the ground.
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