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Have you ever thought, you know what our campaign needs, a kobold knight?! Well guess what? Now it can! Sir Kruk is a pale-colored kobold runt, looking to make his mark on the world. Constantly picked on and considered useless and weak by his family, Kruk was despised by his siblings and even his parents. After a considerable cooking blunder that resulted in blaze that destroyed a fair amount of his family’s stolen hoard, Kruk was beaten and left for dead in the wilderness. It was there that an elderly paladin, traveling home after dispatching a band of marauders, stumbled upon the wretched creature. This paladin, Sir Randalf, was a kind and wise man that believed that all life was worthwhile and viewed killing as a last resort. Taking pity on the broken kobold, Sir Randalf scooped him up and brought him to receive healing. Kruk, despite a lifetime of taught hatred towards anyone not of his race, took immediately to Sir Randolf. No one had shown him kindness the like of which the elder paladin had shown him. Kruk pledged himself to Randolf and begged to accompany him on his journey. Randolf made Kruk his squire, and spent the following seven years teaching him everything he knew. Now a young knight, Sir Kruk has said farewell to his mentor, as all squires must, to strike out on his own atop a trusty mount.

Here are a few ways that you can incorporate Sir Kruk into your adventure:

  • Mistaken Identity: Your adventures could happen to notice a kobold in the distance and move to investigate, assuming the worst.
  • A Call to Arms: Your heroes find themselves standing face to face with a noble kobold, requesting aid in a matter of urgency and import.
  • Vengeance!: While Sir Kruk has developed his mentor’s sense of justice and the desire to offer second chances, that does not hold true for Kruk’s former family. If Sir Kruk were to learn the current whereabouts of his family, he would lead any that would follow against them.
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  1. I actually introduced Sir Kruk as a helper NPC to my party at our last session (pulled the stats for Knight from the MM) so if they got themselves into a bad spot there was something that could pull them out and prevent a party wipe. long story short, one of my visiting spectators decided he wanted to give playing a try so i handed Sir Kruk over to him and the love was instantaneous. Now i am having him roll up a new character to officially join the party as Sir Kruk with his trusty mount, Murky. Thanks IHPP.

    • Awesome! I’m glad that Sir Kruk could accomplish the noblest goal of any knight: joyfully pulling a new player into a game. =)

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