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Meet Zana and Alain Milner! Zana is a young lady’s maid and serves a local nobleswoman. Alain was a squire to a skilled knight, until his untimely death. Alain however remains in this world as a ghost, driven by two purposes: to solve his murder and protect his sister. Zana is also driven to solve her brother’s murder, but additionally wants to avenge him. Alain and Zana are working together to try and piece together how Alain was killed. Alain tries to use his newfound ghostly form to try and spy on various people to learn information. Zana also tries to learn what she can in her free time, but this has led to her getting into some sticky situations. Alain has managed to protect Zana at least once by possessing her body and warding off an attacker with his fighting skills and her fists.

Here are some examples of ways that your adventurers could interact with Zana and Alain:

  • Zana: Zana could requests aid from your adventurers in finding her brother’s murder.
  • Zana: Need a lady’s maid for a local noble? Zana is quite skilled.
  • Alain: With some persuasion, Alain could be convinced to do a little spying and reconnaissance for your adventurers with his newfound ghostly powers.
  • Zana and Alain: Alain’s death could have been far away, but returned to his sister to warn her of some dire situation. Zana seeks help from anyone who will listen in dealing with it.

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