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Meet Vaius Khirzan! A handsome tiefling in his mid-twenties, Vaius spends his days traveling, exploring, and scavenging. He makes a living selling trinkets and treasures that he unearths on his “adventures” as he calls them. Vaius seeks out abandoned mines, old battlefields, overgrown ruins, and the like all in the name of his trade. He does try to avoid any truly dangerous situations, but has been known to defend himself from the occasional wild beast or foolish ruffian with his staff. Because of Vaius’ nomadic lifestyle he finds it hard to make friends. And of course being a tiefling doesn’t do him any favors in that regard either, as many people harbor centuries-old hatred and distrust towards his people. But those that Vaius does call friend have his unwavering loyalty. Despite his desire for friends, Vaius is slow to trust. While part of Vaius’ hesitancy to trust comes from the simple rude treatment he receives from most people he encounters, a large part is due to an incident that occured as a teen. Several locals from in his home village tricked Vaius into a nearby forest where he was strung up and nearly hung to death. While Vaius’ obviously didn’t perish in the incident (in part to the townsfolks’ lack of proficiency in proper hangings and in part of a pair of heroic woodsmen) he now carries a long, ugly scar all around his neck where the rope dug into his flesh.

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