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Meet “One-Eye” Draahzin! This kobold may be small in stature, but he couldn’t be more powerful. Draahzin has lied, cheated, stolen, and murdered his way to the head of a major organized crime family. His ascent wasn’t an easy one though and he made plenty of enemies. Many have tried to kill Draahzin; none have succeeded, though one would-be assassin did manage to slice through Draahzin’s left eye. One of the ways that Draahzin has managed to keep his enemies at bay is through the loyalty of his underlings. While he can be ruthless with his enemies, Draahzin rewards loyalty and service handsomely. Draahzin is also well known for being willing to allow nearly anyone to see him to request his services. Draahzin’s drive to build up power and wealth have attracted many servants, underlings, and clients to him.  What many don’t know about Draahzin though is that in addition to power and wealth, he also harbors a secret desire to amass arcane objects of power. That secret desire is actually another reason that Draahzin has been able to thwart his many enemies and remain in power. He possesses many objects of power, and keeps at least one on him at all times to be used in case of emergency to surprise any attackers or to make unexpected getaways.

Here are a few ways that you can incorporate “One-Eye” Draahzin into your campaign:

  • Villain: Are your heroes looking to take down the local crime lord? Look no further!
  • Strike a Deal: Your heroes may not have to like striking a deal with Draahzin, but perhaps he is the lesser of two evils and is needed to thwart a truly evil creature. Draahzin is always looking to strike a deal for his help.
  • Backstory: Perhaps one of your heroes used to be a part of Draahzin’s crew, but got out of the life. The only problem is that no one betrays Draahzin and lives…
  • Plothook: Draahzin is always on the lookout for rare and powerful arcane items. After getting word of a newly discovered item, Draahzin is looking for “a skilled group” (aka “expendable suckers”) to locate and retrieve it for him.

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