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Meet Llama Dan and his trusty llama, Dolly! Dannad “Llama Dan” Whitsteppe comes from a long line of stout halfling herdsmen and herdswomen. Unsatisfied with the noble, but uneventful, life of herding livestock, Dan left home many years ago with nothing but the clothes on his back, a shepherd’s crook, his faithful pet llama, Dolly, and a handful of handcrafted goods to sell on the road. From those humble beginnings, “Llama Dan” has managed to build quite a successful traveling merchant business he grandly touts as “Llama Dan’s Traveling Emporium.” Dan’s exuberant and friendly personality make him a natural salesman, but his need to be the center of attention can occasionally cause problems for him. Being a halfling, Dan can at times find the world to be a bit frustrating since it seems like the whole world was built around creatures twice his size. He won’t hesitate to lend a hand to any fellow vertically-challenged man or woman, be they halfling, gnome, or dwarf. On rare occasion, Dan has even been able to assist a few goblins and kobolds. Now that doesn’t mean that Dan has any disliking towards taller folk. However, if he does stumble across someone that rudely “looks down” on him or someone else just for being small he’ll simply grin and offer to sell them a “jackfruit”. Unbeknownst to anyone, Dan has trained Dolly to spit on whomever he offers to sell a “jackfruit” to. You have been warned.

Here are some examples of ways that your adventurers could interact with “Llama Dan” and Dolly:

  • News: Being a world traveler, Dan hears and shares quite a bit of news with his patrons.
  • Goods: Looking for a hard-to-find item? Dan is your man! He seems to always have exactly what you need or knows where you can get it.
  • A Good Laugh: Have “Llama Dan” offer one of your heroes some “jackfruit” and see what happens. =)
  • Rescue: Perhaps your heroes will stumble upon “Llama Dan” out on the road while he’s trying to fight off some would-be robbers. Lend him some aid and who knows just how he’ll repay your kindness.

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