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Meet Nyx! This cantankerous gnome has been forced into exile and now lives a life of solitude in the canopy of a deep jungle. While Nyx lives in exile, she has managed to bond with a flock of large pink birds. Nyx’s knack for the skill Feather Fall has allowed her to live among the birds without fear of falling to her splatty-death. Recently she’s discovered that she can actually store charges of the spell within shed feathers of her flighty friends and usually keeps a few of them on her in case of emergency. Nyx has been known to occasionally trade a few of her Feather Fall feathers for supplies, but she generally tries to avoid other people and civilization if she can for fear of her whereabouts being discovered by those that now run her former home. Nyx used to be a police captain before a local crime lord succeeded in “buying” the city’s mayor and “eliminating” anyone that could have stood in the way. Nyx barely managed to escape with her life when she refused to be bought.

Here are a few ways that you can incorporate Nyx into your campaign:

  • Heroic Quest: After encountering Nyx, she could request your aid in taking back her city.
  • Undercity Quest: The local crime lord is turning the screws on you and your crew and task you with finding and eliminating an escaped police captain on the hit-list.
  • Stock Up: Are your heroes about to head to some steep heights? Perhaps they should seek out a powerful arcane recluse that’s willing to trade for some Feather Fall enchanted feathers.
  • Hitch a Ride: Nyx has befriended a flock of large pink birds, that might just be convinced to give your heroes a lift.

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