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Meet Miniri! Great intelligence and extreme curiosity are hallmark traits of a great scholar, and Miniri has that in spades. Miniri has found herself a master scholar to apprentice under and takes her apprenticeship very seriously. Unfortunately, Miniri is certainly very talented and smart, that has created an inflated sense of ego. This can often lead to Miniri striding head first into situations that she has read about and studied, but never experienced, and usually winds up bruising that ego a bit when the real world doesn’t play out exactly as Miniri thinks it should. She doesn’t let that stop her though, and merely adds her experiences, blunders and all, to the ocean of information she keeps in her head. Miniri desires nothing more than to leave her mark on the academic community through great discoveries and insights and refuses to let anything hold her back. She has even recently taken up some more unconventional means to make discoveries. Miniri has begun to secretly watch and follow individuals that she believes to be “shady”. She has started to fancy herself something of a detective and is intent on uncovering some kind of nefarious scheme. So far, she’s managed to keep herself out of trouble following this avenue of “research”, but who knows how long it’ll be before she actually manages to stumble upon something she shouldn’t.

Here are a few ways that you could incorporate Miniri into your campaign:

  • Re-Discoveries: While studying a recently discovered ancient, Miniri has managed to finally decipher it. It would seem that in some nearby ruins there should be a whole secret network of tunnels and chambers. Miniri is in need of some strong and brave adventurers willing to aid her in uncovering these tunnels and chambers or willing to explore them on their own in her stead.
  • Trouble in Town: Miniri’s extra-curricular activities of following “shady” individuals has finally paid off and she finds herself knee deep in a devious plot that she won’t be able to handle herself. Perhaps some adventurers in town can aid her.
  • In Too Deep: Miniri has gone missing and her master, knowing that she never misses her studies, is concerned for her well-being. In need of assistance, Miniri’s master is searching for someone that can help find her.

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