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Meet Brugana! This unusual centaur can be hard to pin down, unless of course she’s coming to you. Brugana is the faster messenger in all the land and is never late in making a delivery. She can outstripe any humanoid on horseback any day with her speedy hooves. While Brugana is rather renown, she is still always striving to increase her reputation, which is very important to her. She desires to become a royal messenger for one of the many rulers in the lands she roams. What many don’t suspect of this polite and quiet centaur is that she’ll take on any job. She is known to hold true and fast to her rule of never peeking inside the contents of her messages or packages. She’s taken on many commissions from some very unsavory people to create some ties into several underworld entities. Brugana knows that not all rulers are those that sit on a throne with a crown on their head.

Here are a few ways that you can incorporate Brugana into your campaign:

  • Help Brugana!: Your heroes may stumble upon Brugana being assaulted while on one of her journeys to make a delivery. If you can save her, perhaps she’ll enlist your heroes for some additional protection.
  • Quest Deliver: Brugana could very well be looking for one of your heroes with a very important delivery.
  • Stop Brugana!: Word has gotten out that someone is committing murder with trap containing packages and your heroes need to find out who’s sending them and through what means before another person is killed. It just may be Brugana has been hired for some extra special deliveries! DUN DUN DUN!
  • Hire Brugana: Is a horde of orcs barring down on your heroes and you need to send word to the capital for aid! Thankfully Brugana is in town. Your heroes better get a message to her quick so she can ride out before it’s too late.

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