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Meet Faral Nightstar! This elf’s friendly exterior belies a dark secret buried within. Faral is tied more heavily than most to the spirit world, but refuses to let that connection bring her down. Her connection has granted her the ability to sense and see spirits when they are near. She also has the ability to repulse spirits, forcing them away from her. Faral spends her days either helping spirits complete tasks that bind them to the mortal world, acting as an intermediary when conflicts arise between the living and the dead, or sometimes even working to exterminate particularly evil spirits. While Faral’s work is quite noble, there is one spirit that she refuses to deal with. Unfortunately many, many years ago Faral became bound to an evil spirit, which is how she gained her spirit abilities. While that evil spirit causes a good deal of chaos, Faral is afraid that if she manages to destroy it that she will lose her abilities. She feels that the good she can do with her powers outweighs the evil done by her bonded spirit.

Here are a few ways that you can incorporate Faral into your campaign:

      • Ghost Busting!: Are there some tricky spirits harassing the locals? Convince Faral to aid your heroes in banishing them!
      • Parlay: Are some spirits spooking the locals? Convince Faral to aid your heroes in finding a diplomatic solution to stop the spooking? Who knows, maybe the spirits just need some help of their own?
      • Spiritual Defense: Are your heroes about to descend into unknown dangers on haunted grounds? Perhaps they could hire Faral to help keep them from getting ambushed.
      • Quest! Break the Connection: Faral has lived with the knowledge that the spirit she is bound to is evil, but lets it be because she believes the good she does outweights the evil it does… until now. If the evil spirit becomes too powerful, Faral may just be willing to risk losing her abilities if it means stopping the spirit once and for all.

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