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I try to keep up the best I can with all of the minis that I’ve made over the years, but unfortunately sometimes I just lose track of a few along the way. Well, I’m starting to round up those that have been waiting in the wings and today I’ve got the first batch that are ready. Click on any of the links below to download.
Monsters: Cultists, Giant Squids, Harpies and Rust Monsters
NPCs: Elf Nobles (King, Queen, High Lord & Lady)
PCs: Drow Wizard and Half-Elf Warlock

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  1. Very nice! Our party just hit the level where we can summon giant squid, and that’s an awesome mini. Are they Large size in 4E? 3.5 has them at huge . Easy enough to print a size up though.

    I think there are still a few monster minis from the old Blogspot site that are available on the new site by search but not on the Downloads page.

    • I think the squid I wound up making was a commission requested at that size. It looks like I can’t even find an entry in the 4e Monster Manuals.

      You’re right about a few remaining sets. Those I’m actually in the process of updating their templates. They should be popping back up in “Minis En Masse #2”. =)

    • Jonathan - You can find a giant squid in the D&D compendium. It’s a level 30 Brute that’s a gargantuan natural beast. It was converted from the 3.5 Elder Evils. (

      It your case though, the power likely has the same name for the summons but it’s more specific to the power and what’s listed there. For the general rules on summoning look at PG 221 of Players Handbook 2.

  2. Very nice! The cultists are particularly useful.

    Also I can’t see the word squid without hearing the Splatoon theme in my head 😀 )