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It’s day three of Magic: The Gathering week, and in today’s post I’m unveiling my own unique take on counters.

Counters are a big part of Magic. There are a variety of types, from common ones like +1/+1 and Loyalty counters to more unique counters like Ki and Flood. It’s very common for gamers to use dice to represent counters, but that involves carrying dice with you whenever you play Magic. (I don’t want to walk around with a bag of dice in my pocket!) But using scraps of paper for counters isn’t the best idea, either - too much movement, and they can blow away mid-game, and having multiple counter types on a single “card” can get confusing. The counters I’ve created should eliminate all these issues.

When you need a counter, slide one of these printable cards under your card. As the number of counters on a given card increases or decreases, you can (1) rotate the counter to the new value, (2) add on another counter card, or (3) swap out the counter card. For +1/+1 and Loyalty counters, I’ve designed cards with values up to twelve. The other unique counters I’ve designed (-1/-1, Time, Charge, and “All Purpose”) have values up to eight. Now whenever you build a deck that requires counters, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without these!

Download: MediaFire

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    • Tayson, there’s a link in the article above to download the counters via Mediafire. It’s a 2-page PDF that should have everything you need. I just downloaded and opened the file successfully; if you have any issues, please let me know.

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