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Nobles, Lords and Ladies, Kings and Queens. Some are good, some are bad, and some are downright evil. Let’s face it, whether your heroes want nothing to do with them or whether your heroes are them, the ruling class definitely affects the lives of everyone. If your heroes are in need of a benevolent ruler to serve, a tyrant to rally against, or someone in between then look no further! Today’s post include a four-pack of nobles: a king, a queen, a high lady, and a high lord.

King Durov Blackstrand is eloquent and quick with a flattering word. Known for throwing elaborate balls and grand tournaments. Generally loved by noble and common folk alike. Rarely seen without his trusty drinking horn.

Queen Xandrilla Blackstrand purposefully acts below her incredible intelligence in an effort to be underestimated by her enemies and rivals. Takes great pains to look her best and follow the latest fashion trends.

High Lady Berelain van Hyden is beautiful and wears a regal bearing that clearly sets her above the unwashed masses. She uses her beauty as a weapon. If you cross her, she will never forget and never forgive, and will aim to crush you. She is willing to get her hands dirty and has personally poisoned a rival from another house.

High Lord Artemis Targana is quick to laugh and quick to anger. He often thinks with his blade, though that has served him well as he hasn’t lost a proper duel in over a decade. He can only properly release anger through violence. He secretly copes by bottling his anger up during the day and releases it each night by visiting his personal dungeon and brutally beating prisoners.

There are many ways to either directly or indirectly tie these characters to your campaign. Here are just a few ideas:

  • One of your heroes belongs to, or serves, the noble house of Blackstrand, van Hyden, or Targana.
  • One of these nobles is directly responsible for the death of someone that was very close to one of your heroes.
  • One of these nobles is looking to quietly hire the aid of a small group of mercenaries.
  • Your heroes get caught up in helping a rebel faction that stands against the crown and the aristocracy.

I have one last note on this lot of NPCs. The NPC cards for these characters have been created under a new template that will be part of a much larger website/brand overhaul that I’ll be unrolling in the near future. (The template even includes a new logo for iheartprintandplay.) I’d love to hear what you all think of the new layout, good or bad. Post a comment below or send an email my way at

NPC Template Preview

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