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Get ready for a fun night of lying, wild accusations, mayhem, and murder… it’s time to play Werewolf! The only things you need to play are seven or more players and a method to assign roles. That’s where these fun Werewolf role cards come in. I’ve created cards that you can deal out to assign players their secret role. In addition to the standard roles (Villager, Werewolf, Moderator, and Seer) I’ve created cards for ten other popular roles (like the Herbalist [aka Doctor] who’s ready to protect villagers with wolfsbane or the powerful potion wielding Witch). You can see these and all of the other roles below along with descriptions and optional rules too. In the PDFs I’ve included a printable reference for these roles as well as a page of blank cards so you can include any other roles you want in your games. Happy hunting/mauling!

Download Werewolf Role Cards (Color)

Download Werewolf Role Cards (B&W)

Character - Villagers Villagers
These ordinary folk don’t have any special abilities. By night, they hope not to be torn apart by ravenous werewolves. By day, they vote to hang a fellow villager they suspect to be a werewolf.
Character - Werewolves Werewolves
These dangerous beasts prowl the night in search of their next victim. By night, the werewolves silently vote to kill an unsuspecting villager. By day, they lie to hide their true identities from the angry villagers and vote along with them to hang a suspected werewolf. They may even vote to hang another werewolf.
Character - Moderator Moderator
The Moderator is the master of rules and time.
Character - Seer Seer
The Seer can peer into the mind of anyone and learn their true identity. Every night the Seer secretly points out a player. The Moderator will then indicate whether that player is a werewolf or villager. During the day, the Seer may use that information to their advantage, but must be careful to avoid tipping off the werewolves of their powerful ability.

As an optional rule, instead of simply learning if a player is a werewolf of not, the Moderator can reveal what specific role the indicated player has.

Character - Alpha Wolf Alpha Wolf
The Alpha Wolf is the beast that started it all. Once during the game, during a night phase after the werewolves have selected a victim, the Alpha Wolf can choose to turn that villager into a werewolf instead of killing them.
Character - Cupid Cupid
Cupid ties the destinies of two villagers together through love. During the first night the Moderator will have Cupid point out two individuals to be lovers. (Cupid may choose themself.) The Moderator will return Cupid to sleep and tap the two lovers, having them open their eyes and acknowledge each other. If at any point one of the lovers dies, the other immediately dies of grief. If the lovers are a “mixed couple” (one werewolf and one villager), their goal to win changes to killing everyone else off so that their love can endure unchallenged.

As an optional rule, Cupid may choose two new lovers if the existing lovers die.

Character - Herbalist Herbalist
The Herbalist possesses a specimen of a rare plant known as wolfsbane. Each night, the Herbalist can use the wolfsbane to secretly protect a villager from the werewolves. If the werewolves’ selected vicitm is the same villager that the Herbalist protects, that villager survives the night.
Character - Hunter Hunter
A dangerous creature in their own right, the Hunter won’t go down without a fight. Whenever the Hunter is killed, they kill another player of their choice. Choose wisely.
Character - Little Girl Little Girl
The Little Girl can’t help her curiosity as she peers out into the night. Unfortunately, werewolves aren’t known for leaving witnesses. At night when the werewolves are choosing their next victim, the Little Girl may peek, but if she’s caught she instantly dies of fright and becomes the werewolves’ victim for that night. When the Little Girl is in play, villagers must fall asleep with their heads upright and no hands or fingers blocking their eyes. This way the werewolves can see the eyes of everyone and have a chance of catching the Little Girl peeking.

Character - Thief Thief
When the thief is used, an additional villager card is added before dealing out the role cards. On the first night, the Thief may choose to steal the role of another player or to take the unused role card. The player whose role was stolen gets the unused role card and the Thief card is discarded.
Character - Traitor Traitor
Some folk are just enamored with danger. The Traitor is a villager in league with the werewolves and tries to protect them. The Traitor only wins if they are the last villager standing. The Traitor can then reveal themselves to claim victory along with the remaining werewolves. The Traitor does not wake up at night with the werewolves and if investigated by the Seer, will still be identified as a villager.
Character - Vigilante Vigilante
Tired of the nonsense of debate and deliberation, the Vigilante wants action and is willing to take matters into their own hands. Each night, the Vigilante kills a villager that they believe to be a werewolf.

As an optional rule, the number of times or frequency of kills that the Vigilante may make can be limited. For example, you may decide that the Vigilante may only be kill someone every other night.

Character - Witch Witch
The crafty Witch has two powerful potions at their disposal. The first is a powerful poisonous potion, which the Witch can use to kill someone at any time. The other is a mighty restorative potion, which can be used to resurrect a villager killed by the werewolves. Each potion can only be used once per game. While the Witch could poison themselves, they are unable to resurrect themselves.

Character - Wizard Wizard
The mysterious and powerful Wizard seeks to control fate itself. Each night, the Wizard can point to two players and teleport them, having them swap their seats. If one of the players had been the intended victim of the werewolves that night, that person is now safe in their new seat. The other player, while unintended by the werewolves, is now the victim for that night.

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