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While the bulk of the content coming out of iheartprintandplay trends towards tabletop roleplaying, the main goal of this blog is to celebrate all forms of print and play gaming, including games still in the design phase. Sharing your game it in a printable format is a great way to get your game out there and get some feedback from the gaming community at large. This post is the first of hopefully many to highlight a game in development that’s looking for just that.

Jeu de Lune

Chris Chung, founder of Flash Forward Games, is play-testing Jeu de Lune, a thematically unique tile placement/manipulation game. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Players: 2 to 4
  • Ages: 10+
  • Thematic Synopsis: “You are a lonely Water Spirit, moving across the waters searching for true love, and you’ve come across the path of a beautiful young woman: the Moon Princess. She explains to you that she is in dire need of travelling back to her home, the Moon, as she is banished to this deserted island due to not seeking a suitable husband. The only problem is, although you can understand what she says to you, you only know how to communicate back through the movement of water, but you believe you can help her travel back to the Moon and become her partner if you can impress her by dancing. Another problem is that she’s not entirely sure what she’s looking for in a partner, and she’s caught the eye of other Water Spirits! Place and shift your tides, make them ebb and flow to your advantage, and win her love!” — Chris Chung
  • Game Play Synopsis: Jeu de Lune revolves around strategic tile placement and manipulation in an effort to create high scoring paths for the Moon Princess to move/dance along on her way to your Water Spirit. Manipulating the tiles to form paths can be tricky, as moving the Moon Princess over tiles that don’t belong to you award points to your opponents.

Give Feedback
Chris would love for people to give his game a go and send him your feedback. Here are the main points he’s looking for, though any and all feedback is welcome.

  1. Did you understand the rules and core mechanics? Was anything unclear?
  2. What, if anything, might you change to make the game more fun?
  3. After playing it, would you play it again?

You can of course leave feedback here on this post, but the best way to get feedback into the designer’s hands would be to contact him via Twitter (@FlashForwardCo) or email (

Download Jeu de Lune
You can download the rules and game component PDFs via dropbox here: Jeu de Lune Files

Additional Information
If you want to follow the progress of Jeu de Lune you can track it on Facebook or BoardGameGeek. If you want to know more about Chris Chung you can read an interview with the game designer at Bellwether Games.

Are you a game designer?
Looking for some play testers or to get some feedback on a game of your own? Contact me at, and you could see your game featured on an upcoming “iheart Presents”.

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