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Normally, I like to try out a game before writing about it, but with all the positive buzz Chaosmos has generated through reviews and interviews, I couldn’t resist. The game’s publisher, Mirror Box Games, is running a Kickstarter campaign to publish Chaosmos and is also offering a free print-and-play version of the game. Be sure to check it out - only 4 days left for the campaign. I haven’t been this excited about trying out a sprawling print and play board game since trying to survive the Zombie Plague.

Chaosmos Rules, Quick-Start Guide, and References

EDIT Apr 9, 2016 - It looks like the print and play game files for Chaosmos are no longer freely available. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can check out the Chaosmos official webpage to learn more about the game.
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  1. Both links appear to point to the same file.

    Taking this opportunity to thank you for your inspiring efforts.

  2. Thanks for the awesome stuff!! I’ve just discovered this site, I am thrilled with it, and I hope to become a contributor soon. Just thought you would like to know that the link seems to be broken.

    • Thanks for letting me know, Christopher. It looks like the files are no longer freely available online so I’ve had to remove the link.

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