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A few months back I designed a set of portable-sized “wonder boards” for the game 7 Wonders, but I only made boards for the seven wonders included in the base game and the first promo board, Manneken Pis. Well now I’m back to finish the job with portable wonder boards that cover the three expansions (Leaders, Wonder Pack, and Cities) as well the second promo board, Catan.

For those of you that missed my first post, here’s a little refresher on the cards I designed: These 3.25″ x 2.25″ card-sized templates can be used in place of the original Wonder boards and contain all the essential gameplay mechanics. The template design and minimalist artwork is my own, with the remaining images belonging to the game’s designer.

7 Wonders Explanation Card

Click on any of the images below to enlarge and check out the 30 wonder cards (A & B sides of the 15 wonders).

7 Wonders Screenshot 1   7 Wonders Screenshot 2   7 Wonders Screenshot 3   7 Wonders Screenshot 4
The PDFs below include the original eight Wonder cards I designed along the seven other wonders from the various expansions mentioned above. You can also choose a PDF based on how you want to print out the cards. The single-sided PDF has both the A and B sides of each Wonder on the same page. The double-sided PDF has the A and B sides on different pages (and opposite sides of the sheets) to accommodate double-sided printing.

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