This digital download is a PDF that contains 166 print-and-play monster miniatures (including 29 new unique miniatures not released on the site), 15 key NPC cards, and 59 treasure cards from “Keep on the Shadowfell“, part one of the official Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition adventure path. These minis and cards cover every battle and interaction with named NPCs in the Keep on the Shadowfell.

All miniatures are pre-numbered according to their references in the adventure and in the quantities needed. I’ve included a handy Table of Contents that lists what pages you will need to have printed and which specific minis and cards cut out for each encounter and interaction in the adventure.

This set contains the following:

Agrid, Gnome Skulk NEW
Balgron the Fat, Goblin NEW
Blue Slime NEW
Clay Scout
Corruption Corpse (2)
Dark Creeper NEW
Deathjump Spider
Decrepit Skeleton (18)
Douvan Staul (3) NEW
Dragon Statue (2) NEW
Gelatinous Cube NEW
Ghoul NEW
Giant Rat (13)
Giant Warrior Statue NEW
Goblin Bombardier (3) NEW
Goblin Cutter (8)
Goblin Sharpshooter (3)
Goblin Warrior (5)
Gravehound (2)
Guard Drake (2) NEW
Hobgoblin Archer
Hobgoblin Grunt (5)
Hobgoblin Soldier (4)
Hobgoblin Torturer NEW
Hobgoblin Warcaster
Human Rabble (4)
Irontooth, Goblin NEW
Kalarel, Scion of Orcus NEW
Kalarel’s Spectral Apparition NEW
Kobold Denwarden (2)
Kobold Dragonshield (3)
Kobold Minion (10)
Kobold Skirmisher (3)
Kobold Slinger
Kobold Slink
Kobold Wyrmpriest
Kruthik Adult NEW
Kruthik Hatchling (6) NEW
Kruthik Young (3) NEW
Ninaran, Elf Archer NEW
Ochre Jelly NEW
Orcus Berserkers (2) NEW
Orcus Underpriest NEW
Rat Swarm
Shallowgrave Wight NEW
Sir Keegan, Skeleton Knight NEW
Skeleton Sentinels (8) NEW
Skeleton Warrior (2)
Splug, Goblin Prisoner NEW
The Thing in the Portal NEW
Vampire Spawn Fleshripper (5)
The Warchief, Hobgoblin NEW
Whirlpool Trap Statue (4) NEW
Zombie (4)
Zombie Rotter (12)
Bairwin Wildarson
Delphina Moongem
Douven Staul
Douven’s wife
Eilian the Old
Ernest Padraig
Marla of the Great Church
Parle Cranewing
Rond Kelfem
Salvana Wrafton
Sir Keegan
Sister Linora
Thair Coalstriker
Valthrun the Prescient
Alchemist’s Fire Flask (9)
Amulet of Health [+1]
Ancient Mirror
Bag of Holding
Balgron’s Keys
Black Iron Scale Armor [+1]
Bloodcut Hide Armor [+1]
Dwarven Chainmail [+1]
Elven Cloak (+2)
Gem, Small Amethyst (5)
Goblin Belt Pouch
Gold Medallion
Irontooth’s Scroll
Irontooth’s Small Silver Key
Kalarel’s Horned Helm
Kalarel’s Rod of Ruin
Magic Dagger [+2]
Magic Wand [+1]
Message Cylinder
Ninaran’s Sheet of Vellumm
Platinum Bracelet
Potion of Healing (3)
Safewing Amulet [+1]
Sheets of Vellum (3)
Shield of Protection
Sir Keegan’s Longsword, Aecris
Small Dragon Statue (6)
Sunrod (2)
Symbol of Battle [+1]
Toy Sword
Trail Rations
Vicious Shortsword [+1]
Waterskin (2)