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Let’s face it, Dungeons & Dragons, while super fun, can be super taxing on your brain space. There’s so much to know and try to remember! To cut down on the things you’re forced to remember and make for easy reference I’ve created a set of D&D 4th Edition and D&D 5th Edition condition cards to fill you in on all of the important details your heroes will need to know when they get hit with spells, traps, +5 dwarven beer, or a really big fist. Special thanks to skrapsan for commissioning the 5th Edition condition cards. I’ve also taken this opportunity to update the 4th Edition condition cards that I made several years ago by updating not just the art but the card template as well to match that of the new 5th Edition condition card template. The new template will make these reference cards even quicker to parse for the bits of info you need at various points in the game by breaking down the condition effects into 4 categories: attack, defense, movement, and miscellaneous (actions, checks, etc). And even if your players are power gamers that know ALL the rules, these cards are also great to use as an indicator that a player is currently affected by a condition. Just hand them the appropriate card when a condition goes into effect and have them discard it once the effect is no more.

D&D Condition Cards Preview

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