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I’m very excited to present a pair of watchtowers along with a contingent of guards to protect them. Whether these towers belong to friend or foe is up to you. One of my goals with the tower minis was to create a mini that was a single piece, was able to stay together without tape or glue, and be really stable. To my delight I believe I accomplished that goal and I hope you enjoy these minis. (Page 7 of the Tower PDF includes instructions for putting them together.) Also, if you need a really tall tower, these also stack relatively easily

towers in action

These sets include:

  • Stone Tower (and ladder)
  • Wood Tower (and ladder)
  • Blank Tower Template
  • Human Lookout
  • Human Guard (with Halberd)
  • Human Archer
  • Goblin Lookout
  • Goblin Spear Chucker
  • Goblin Hexer

 This PC of the Month was created due to the wonderful generosity of the site’s Patreon patrons, AdmiralDave, Camden F, ftx, Gameboon, Graham, Jace B, John D, John Sussenberger, Jonathan, Josh M, Jumpy142, Kolargol00, Kostej K, Lok Jokey, Nate W, skrapsan, Stefano B, The Library Ghost, Paul R, and The Taio Show. With their support, we’re currently meeting FIVE goals, one of which is creating this! If you want to learn more about met and future goals, you’ll find all the details here.

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    • Thanks! I oddly got really excited when I came up with the ladder. In fact, I’m just all around overly excited about this set on the whole. I had a big epiphany moment when I thought up the idea for the tower template. I was out mowing my lawn at the time. As soon as I was done I rushed in and started penciling out a template and cutting stuff out to build some prototypes. =)

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