About iheartprintandplay

Origin Story: With games like Dungeons & Dragons, there can be a need for a lot of tokens and other materials. You can either shell out a large sum of money for a pile of tokens you might only use once, or you can use random items like bottle caps, paper clips, or coins. Not being a fan of either of those options, I decided to take a different approach and began creating my own. Since I put the effort (and many hours) into creating fun printable minis, I wanted to “share the wealth” and make my printables available for anyone who, like me, wants there to be a third option.

The Story So Far: Since I first started this site in mid-2011, I’ve created hundreds of unique tabletop RPG miniatures and other print and play content, all of which you can find on the Downloads page. With the generous support of wonderful people like you who have donatedcommissioned custom work or even simply spread the word about this site, iheartprintandplay has been able to continue to grow and put out awesome print and play gaming content.

Part of a Larger Community: In 2013, iheartprintandplay partnered with the boardgame review site, iSlayTheDragon, to help each other grow and support the gaming community together.

Me, My Stick Figures, & I

I’ve been drawing stick figures since I was a kid. I still have some of the comic strips I made for my friends in grade school. And I’m pretty sure almost all of them involved a lone stick guy miraculously shooting and slicing his way through dinosaurs, aliens, jet airplanes, and the like. As I got older, I started hand drawing little comic books for fun about a group of superheroes, but it was so time consuming that I eventually ran out of steam.

But my love of stick figures has never stopped. Now that I’ve discovered an incredible program called Inkscape, I’m taking my passion for stick figures and coupling that with my love of board and tabletop games to a new end: creating print and play game materials. While I’ll focus mainly on designing Dungeons & Dragons printable characters, I’ll occasionally branch out with printable content for other games (like Magic: The Gathering printable counters or Werewolf Role Cards), or try to draw attention to awesome printable content made by others.

I mentioned it in this site’s inaugural post, but I do want to cite one particular source of inspiration: Rich Burlew and his comic, The Order of the Stick. Many years ago when I stumbled upon it, I was amazed to discover someone drawing in a style similar to me (albeit better) and creating a phenomenal body of work that people love. His work inspired me to continue my creative efforts and allowed me to see how to better flesh out my drawings to make them really come alive. His characters are just so freaking expressive!

I also want to throw out a special note to my loving wife for her support in my endeavor with this site. She’s also the unofficial “Editor-in-Chief” of iheartprintandplay, making sure that my (many) grammatical errors don’t go unchecked.